Siemens Downdraft Extractor

Downdraft extractors are a recent addition to the cooker hood market. Their appeal is immediately apparent: they are what is known as a ‘rise-and-fall extractor’, meaning you use touch-controls to raise them directly from within your kitchen counter when you need them, and then they can be hidden away below your kitchen work surface when not in use.  See this video from the kitchen and bathroom experience centre in St. Neots for a useful demonstration:

The unique rise-and-fall feature makes the downdraft extractor the perfect choice for those who prefer a minimalist look, or who simply don’t like the appearance of a cooker hood. It’s also a popular option for kitchens with a cooking island or more of an open plan style as it means there is nothing blocking the view when it is retracted. It is most advantageous for kitchens with high ceilings, as installing a more traditional extractor fan with comparable efficiencies can be challenging as well as unsightly. For those of us with small kitchens the downdraft extractor can can be used on cookers and ovens that are close to the wall, providing all the same benefits of a mainstream extractor whilst creating more space around the immediate cooking hub.

Planning ahead

If you wish to use a downdraft extractor that recirculates the air, then you can easily install a carbon filter within the extractor that suits this purpose. However, the recommended extraction technique for this extractor fan design is ducting. This is a highly effective way of removing grease and cooking smells to the outside of your home. This does require more planning though, as the ducting will need to be installed early on in the kitchen renovation process. For more information regarding recirculation and extraction cooker hoods, please see this blog post: .

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