Since 1978, Cambridge Kitchens & Bathrooms has set the standard for bespoke bedroom design, distinguished by the unique advantage of our in-house workshop and production facility, all based in Cambridge. This setup not only guarantees premium, made-to-measure products crafted from the finest materials but also enables us to offer unmatched prices. By overseeing every production stage, we provide high-quality, personalised bedrooms at competitive rates, directly passing on the savings to you. Opting for Cambridge Kitchens & Bathrooms means choosing a timeless sanctuary, where every detail showcases our dedication to passion, precision, and your vision.


Your bedroom is your sanctuary, a retreat where each day begins and ends. At Cambridge Kitchens & Bathrooms, we understand the sanctity of this space, which is why we dedicate our craftsmanship to creating an environment that resonates with your peace and comfort. Every curve, corner, and colour we create is designed to synchronise with your style, ensuring your bedroom is a bespoke haven where tranquillity meets elegance. With us, your new bedroom design is built with your vision in mind and provides a private oasis tailored precisely to your way of life.


Begin a journey of elegance with our bespoke bedroom creations at Cambridge Kitchens & Bathrooms. Every space we design reflects your unique tastes and lifestyle, meticulously moulded into a masterpiece. Our approach is personal, attentive, and thorough, ensuring that your every requirement and vision comes to life with care and precision. Our expert designers and craftsmen listen intently, work tirelessly, and think creatively to transform your space into a sanctuary of luxury and functionality. Every detail, from the grandest vision to the subtlest nuance, is crafted with diligence. We blend innovative design with timeless tradition, ensuring your bedroom is more than just a place to rest—it's a source of daily inspiration and comfort. At Cambridge Kitchens & Bathrooms, we don't just build bedrooms; we create personal havens, each with its unique story and charm.



At Cambridge Kitchens & Bathrooms, our commitment to excellence is evident in our selection of high-quality materials. We understand that the cornerstone of a relaxing and enduring bedroom lies in the materials used. That's why we meticulously source and select only the finest, most durable materials from trusted suppliers. Whether it's the rich texture of premium hardwoods, the sleek elegance of fittings, or the sumptuous comfort of luscious fabrics, every material we choose creates a harmonious blend of beauty and longevity. With us, your bedroom is constructed to stand the test of time, ensuring that every moment you spend in your sanctuary is underpinned by the quality you can feel.



Begin a seamless and stress-free design journey with Cambridge Kitchens & Bathrooms, where your path to the perfect bedroom is paved with ease and elegance. Our streamlined, client-centred process is designed to respect your vision and your time, offering you the choice of a comprehensive, fully managed service. From the initial spark of inspiration to the final touches of installation, every aspect of your bedroom's design and creation is meticulously overseen by our team of experts. We ensure a harmonious blend of your taste with our professional prowess, managing and executing your project to perfection. Embrace the comfort of knowing that with clear communication, meticulous planning, and our unwavering commitment to excellence at every stage, your design journey with us will not only fulfil your vision but surpass your expectations, leading you to the bedroom sanctuary of your dreams.


Cambridge Showroom

Find out how our friendly and professional team can transform your home when you visit our exceptional Cambridge showroom.


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Our Experience Centre in Potton is a bit different from your standard showroom, featuring five beautifully furnished homes for you to explore.

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We’ve been dedicated to enhancing our remote service so that we can support every client to the same exceptional standard whatever their needs.


At Cambridge Kitchens & Bathrooms, we redefine the art of space optimisation, transforming every inch of your bedroom into a testament to functionality and style. We recognise that every room has unique potential, and our mission is to unveil it with innovative design solutions. Our expert team delves into the heart of your space, employing cleverly designed storage solutions and space-saving furniture that elevate your lifestyle. From discreetly integrated wardrobes to multi-functional units, every element maximises your space without compromising elegance or comfort. With us, your bedroom becomes a beacon of innovation, where smart design meets sophisticated living, ensuring that every square inch is as purposeful as it is beautiful.


At Cambridge Kitchens & Bathrooms, 45 years of service speaks to our steadfast commitment to exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Choosing us means placing your bedroom design in the most trusted hands. Our team, comprising seasoned experts and proud, fully accredited members of the KBSA, embodies excellence in every aspect of our bespoke bedroom projects. We understand the nuances of luxury and comfort, ensuring that your vision is not only realised but elevated by our professional acumen. With every detail meticulously crafted and every element of the design and installation overseen with the utmost precision, our service sets a benchmark for quality. Entrust your space to Cambridge Kitchens & Bathrooms and experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing your bedroom is a testament to enduring elegance and expert craftsmanship.



Take the first step towards building the bedroom sanctuary of your dreams. Our dedicated team is ready to guide you through every phase of the process, ensuring a bespoke creation that perfectly aligns with your vision. Reach out to our seasoned experts to find out more, call us at 01223 904150 or email info@cambridgekitchens.co.uk. We're here to listen, inspire, and turn your ideas into a beautiful reality. Your dream bedroom awaits, and it all starts with a conversation. Let's create something extraordinary together.