What does being a KBSA Member mean for our clients?

Deciding to take on a home improvement project such as your kitchen or bathroom can seem a daunting one, particularly when retailers are springing up all the time. Although we have been successfully trading for over 30 years, we wanted to reassure our clients that by choosing Cambridge Kitchens & Bathrooms that their money and project is in safe hands.

The KBSA is the only UK body representing the Kitchen & Bathroom industry. With over 300 independent retailers, it has long been seen as a benchmark for quality and professionalism within the industry.

With all of our work backed by a Consumer Care Plus scheme, you can be confident your deposit, payments and work in progress is protected. All of our work is continually vetted by the KBSA to ensure we are maintaining the highest standards as specified by the KBSA.

Selecting a KBSA member brings you these benefits

• Confidence that you are using a reputable and reliable company
• Satisfaction that your chosen company meets the stringent membership criteria required by the KBSA
• Quality in the service, design and installation of your home improvement project
• Security in the knowledge that your money is protected
• Delight in the end result!

For more information on the KBSA visit their website at WWW.KBSA.ORG.UK