How to Maximise Kitchen Cabinet Storage

Storage is a fundamental part of kitchen planning and design and is of great importance for most clients when thinking about a new kitchen.

The choice of units available today and clever design has vastly improved storage in the modern kitchen. With all wall and base units coming in a range of sizes to suit any kitchen, storage issues can be overcome easily with careful planning taking into account things like the size of your family, the amount of cooking you do, how much fresh/dried goods you buy, what else you like to store in the kitchen, do you have a separate larder, is there a utility room, how accessible do your pans, utensils, gadgets cookware need to be.

This video shows how it is possible to maximise storage space in our kitchens, we use this technology in all of our kitchens.

Its important to consider what you need and what will work best for your home to ensure your kitchen works in harmony with your lifestyle. Consider some of the new systems engineered into modern kitchen cabinets to maximise storage such as integrated cutlery trays, heavy duty corner units with swing out shelving to make use of every inch of space, integrated bins to divide your kitchen waste, pull out tall units and hanging rails. For more information on how we can improve the storage in your kitchen, speak to one of our designers in Cambridge, Newmarket or Bishop’s Stortford.