What Are Fitted Kitchens?

If you’re in the process of renovating your kitchen, you will probably have come across the term ‘fitted kitchen’. But what exactly is a fitted kitchen, and what differentiates it from others? The term ‘fitted kitchen’ refers to any design with built-in cabinets. The units normally run seamlessly along one, two, or three walls, and cannot be moved or rearranged. They came into vogue in the 1950s, offering a more practical solution to utilise space. Most modern kitchens, including the ones we create here at Cambridge, are fitted kitchens.


What’s Included In A Fitted Kitchen?

A fitted kitchen includes all your cabinetry and work surfaces, as well as features like kitchen islands, pantry cupboards, sinks, taps, and storage solutions. You can also choose whether you would like integrated appliances, such as a built-in fridge-freezer, dishwasher, oven, microwave, etc., or freestanding appliances, like a range cooker or American-style fridge-freezer.

Fitted kitchens offer ample opportunity for personalisation. They are available in a range of different styles, including sleek, German-inspired handleless designs, traditional shaker fronts, and modern flat-panel doors. Opting for freestanding appliances or introducing standalone furniture like a dresser or butcher’s block island is a great way to add a characterful, less ‘fitted’ look to your space. You’ll also find plenty of beautiful colours, finishes, worktops, handles, and accessories to complete your interior.

Here at Cambridge Kitchens & Bathrooms, we offer a comprehensive design and installation service to help bring your fitted kitchen to life. We craft all our kitchens to order to complement your needs and fit the exact dimensions of your space. We also work with a professional in-house team of fitters who will ensure your kitchen is installed to the highest standard. You will find all the elements required to complete your project clearly set out in a detailed quote, so you can see exactly what your fitted kitchen includes. Not all retailers offer the same service, so you may wish to double-check what’s included in the cost of your fitted kitchen before going ahead.


What’s The Difference Between A Freestanding And A Fitted Kitchen?

Freestanding or unfitted kitchens are comprised of a series of individual, freestanding pieces of furniture. Prior to the advent of fitted kitchen furniture in 1926, all kitchens would have consisted of separate items such as dressers, sideboards, and tables. Even the sink would be mounted on wooden legs or hung from the wall. While some freestanding elements such as kitchen islands and dressers remain popular, these days, completely unfitted kitchens are rare. Though potentially appealing to anyone looking for something a little quirky, assembling a kitchen out of multiple items of furniture is far from the best way to maximise storage space.

Why Are Fitted Kitchens So Much More Popular?

Encompassing a wealth of clever storage systems and practical features, fitted kitchens are designed to help you make the most of your home. From extra wide pan drawers to handy corner carousels and narrow pull-out units, over the years, kitchen manufacturers have devised lots of ingenious solutions to utilise every inch of space. Fitted kitchens also offer impressive flexibility when it comes to achieving a great layout. A fantastic floorplan can transform your kitchen, streamlining your workflow and creating just the right balance of storage and worktop space to ensure your interior functions efficiently.

As kitchens have evolved from somewhere to cook into a social hub and the heart of the home, our requirements have changed. Practicality is no longer the only factor to consider. Our kitchens must also look and feel stylish and inviting. Thanks to their seamless wall-to-wall design, fitted kitchens offer a sleeker, more sophisticated finish than their freestanding counterparts. Utilising storage to keep your kitchen clutter-free and opting for integrated appliances rather than cumbersome freestanding models will help you achieve an elegant and uncluttered aesthetic.

Furthermore, unlike traditional freestanding kitchens, every detail of a fitted kitchen can be tailored to reflect your style. You can choose from hundreds of different designs, colours, finishes, and accessories. Many independent retailers offer a bespoke design service to support you in personalising your interior, helping you establish a fitting focal point to your home. From style to practicality, there are plenty of reasons why fitted kitchens are so popular!

How Much Do Fitted Kitchens Cost?

Lots of different factors can affect how much your fitted kitchen will cost, including things like whether you opt for a mass-produced, off-the-shelf design from a big retailer or a quality made-to-measure solution from an independent specialist. The work that goes into crafting your kitchen will also impact the price. Hence, in-frame and true handleless kitchens are often more expensive than shaker and flat-panel units. Worktops will account for a significant proportion of your budget, with popular materials like quartz, granite, and Dekton proving substantially more costly than laminate or timber. You’ll also need to take the installation and decorating side of things into consideration. And don’t forget your appliances! Add to this the size of your room, and you could be looking at anywhere in the region of £15,000 – £30,000 for a good quality fitted kitchen. If you would like a more accurate quote, we would be more than happy to help. Simply click here to arrange a design consultation.


For design inspiration and help planning your new fitted kitchen, you’ll find plenty of fantastic articles on our blog. Alternatively, if you would like to discuss your ideas with our friendly and knowledgeable team, we would love to hear from you. Please call us on 01223 904150 or email us at info@cambridgekitchens.co.uk.