Visiting Our Showroom – The Important First Step In Your Kitchen Journey

The kitchen is the heart of your home, and while updating your interior offers an exciting opportunity to bring a new lease of life to your space, your design must be spot on if your project is going to live up to expectations. Investing in a new kitchen isn’t like buying a new washing machine or a piece of furniture. You can’t base everything on what you see online, and, unfortunately, you can’t just return it if it’s not right. Though doing your research and reading reviews forms a crucial part of the decision-making process, there’s no substitute for experiencing a range of kitchens first-hand. Visiting our Cambridge showroom is the perfect way to begin your project and ensure your new kitchen delivers everything you hoped for and more. Whichever company you choose to work with, there are plenty of benefits to starting your kitchen journey with a showroom visit.

Discover New Ideas

Digital resources like Pinterest, Instagram, Houzz and various online magazines offer a great source of inspiration. They can help you determine which styles and colour palettes you prefer and can even provide an insight into the different layouts and design features worth considering. However, visiting our showroom in person offers a unique opportunity to understand how these features will work in practice. You will also discover a host of designs you won’t have seen before, alongside a range of smaller details like handles or taps that could easily be missed when looking online. Walking around and experiencing a range of kitchens for yourself will help you envisage your home and leave you feeling inspired.

Experience Colours, Finishes & Styles In Person

You wouldn’t paint your bedroom without experimenting with different swatches, and so it follows that you shouldn’t choose a kitchen colour scheme without seeing it in person. Colours, surface finishes and worktop materials are extremely difficult to capture in a digital image and are undoubtedly best appreciated in person. The same goes for kitchen styles. While you might adore the look of a handleless kitchen online, you might find that, in reality, it doesn’t quite match your expectations. Equally, you might love the simple detailing of a shaker kitchen and find yourself swayed by the clean, minimal looks of a more modern design. There really is no substitute for experiencing a kitchen first-hand. Visiting our showroom ensures all your design decisions are well-informed, guaranteeing your new kitchen delivers the wow factor you’re after.

Get A Feel For Our Workmanship

It’s not every day you decide to renovate your kitchen, and thus the quality and subsequent longevity of your new interior are of utmost importance. Experiencing our kitchens in person — running your hands along the surfaces, trying out the doors and drawers, and appreciating the finer details is the best way to get a feel for the exquisite workmanship and durability at the heart of each product.

Get To Know Our Dedicated Team

From the quality of your initial design to the technical aspects like plumbing and plastering, the proficiency of your chosen kitchen company is central to the smooth running of your project and the success of the end result. Visiting our showroom offers the ideal opportunity to sit down with our team and discuss your project. As you ask questions and delve into the details, you should get a good understanding of the technical expertise and professionalism we bring to our work.

Find Expert Advice

Visiting a showroom is an excellent way to find answers to some of your most pressing kitchen queries. Whether you’re unsure which style to choose or what layout suits your room best, your local specialists should be able to help. Here at Cambridge Kitchens & Bathrooms, our experts will be on hand throughout your visit to share their professional advice and offer their guidance. If you have any doubts or concerns about your project, visiting our kitchen showroom should put your mind at rest and help you take a step closer to realising your perfect new space.


Visiting your potential retailer’s showroom isn’t just a great way to find inspiration for your project. Meeting the team and experiencing their kitchens in person is crucial to ensure the quality of your kitchen and the service you receive live up to expectations. Here at Cambridge Kitchens & Bathrooms, we have two showrooms available for you to visit…

Our Cambridge Showroom

Situated on the outskirts of Cambridge city centre, our charming showroom features two floors of elegant, modern and traditional kitchen displays. We have lots of wonderful features, such as stylish pantry cupboards, beautiful mantles and clever seating arrangements for you to explore. Our knowledgeable and friendly team are always on hand to offer their advice and support. For more information or to see a sneak preview of our store, please click here to be taken to our showroom page.

Our Experience Centre In St Neots

As well as our more traditional kitchen showroom, we have also collaborated with the team at Potton Self Build Show Centre to create our own unique kitchen and bathroom experience centre. Visiting the village near St Neots, you will have the opportunity to explore several fully furnished homes, complete with our full-size, working kitchens and bathrooms. Experiencing our full-scale kitchens in a home environment allows you to immerse yourself in the space and get a real feel for how your own home could look. What’s more, you’ll still have the opportunity to benefit from the fantastic knowledge and expertise of our talented team who are based there five days a week. Find out more by clicking here.