6 Stylish & Timeless Colour Schemes To Transform Your Kitchen

As a highly emotive visual feature, colour plays a vital role in communicating your personality and setting the tone of your space. And thus, choosing a colour scheme for your kitchen can be one of the most exciting but also daunting stages of the design process. Over the past few years, we have gotten much braver with the colours favoured in our kitchens. However, whether you’re tempted to make a statement with a bold hue or looking for something a little more understated, you’ll undoubtedly want your choice to stand the test of time. To help you find your perfect, elegant yet characterful colour scheme, we’ve shared a selection of stunning, trendy and timeless interiors to leave you feeling inspired.

The Dark & Sophisticated Shaker

In recent years, the navy blue shaker has become one of the most desirable kitchen styles. Combining the simple classic look of the panelled shaker door with a deep and elegant hue, the overall effect is altogether rather stunning. White walls and worktops help lift and brighten the dark cabinetry, creating a space that’s warm and inviting yet clean and modern. Luxurious copper and gold details perfectly complement a deeper colour scheme, adding a stylish vintage touch. While the muted vibrancy of a navy blue hue undoubtedly makes a timeless choice, you can achieve a similarly dramatic effect with gorgeous forest greens or rich plum tones.

Minimal & Monochrome

From classic shaker style kitchens to modern handleless interiors, darker colour schemes are certainly having a moment. While monochrome tones tend to dominate the world of contemporary kitchens, it’s all about embracing the dark side in order to bring a glamorous and chic sense of depth to your space. Pairing a black or anthracite grey with a soft matt finish establishes a wonderfully refined, stylish yet understated look. Alternatively, a striking hewn slate-effect surface makes for a much more striking, Germanic design statement.

Charming & Neutral

If there’s one kitchen colour scheme that’s sure to never go out of fashion, it’s a graceful neutral palette. Ranging from elegant greys to warm beiges, neutral tones possess the unique ability to bring together welcoming charm and bright radiance in perfect harmony. Subtle undertones of colour add character without compromising the soft yet fresh feel. A timeless neutral colour palette brings a luxurious and sophisticated quality to both classic and modern kitchens alike.

The Clean All-White Kitchen

Creating the illusion of space and imbuing your room with unadulterated brightness, all-white kitchens make a wonderful choice for those of us who love a fresh, minimal aesthetic. The pure and uplifting atmosphere created by a white colour scheme will never age. And while the bright white look might be more commonly associated with stylish contemporary kitchen designs, a cool white palette can give a chic and timeless edge to a classic interior. The only thing you may want to bear in mind when considering an all-white colour scheme is how to bring an element of depth to your space. Completely white kitchens can run the risk of looking a little sparse and washed out. However, natural wood accents and small pops of colour offer an excellent opportunity to elevate your design.

An Accent Island

From autumnal ochres to dusky pinks and vibrant teals, bold colourful kitchens are growing in popularity. However, opting for a vibrant hue from floor to ceiling can feel like a rather big commitment for many homeowners. If you love the thought of adding a beautiful and characterful splash of colour to your kitchen but don’t want to overwhelm your space, a two-tone design is a wonderful option. A stunning accent colour works well when positioned below the eye line. Consider using your chosen hue to highlight a striking kitchen island or attractive design feature while reserving a neutral tone that flatters your accent colour to the rest of your cabinetry.

Add Warmth With Wood

While not technically a colour, if you’re looking to create a gorgeous and inviting interior with an up-to-date look, you should certainly think about including wood in your design. The beautiful grain of a natural wood material brings a calming touch of warmth and tranquillity to the kitchen. A wood veneer makes a stylish choice of finish for a minimal contemporary interior. You can also utilise wood through your choice of worktops, flooring and freestanding furniture.

There are so many beautiful and unique ways to use colour in your kitchen, all of which have the potential to transform your space into the perfect focal point to your home. While the latest trends provide a wonderful source of inspiration, it’s important to choose a colour scheme you can be sure you’ll enjoy for many years to come. You may want to bear this in mind when making a decision. If you would like to discuss your ideas with our friendly and knowledgeable team, we’d love to hear from you. You can give us a call on 01223 904150 or email info@cambridgekitchens.co.uk.