12 Kitchen Storage Must Haves To Help You Make The Most Of Your Space

As you no doubt already know, storage is an essential part of any kitchen. It plays a crucial role in helping you stay organised and keeping your space clutter-free. Frankly, without adequate storage, cooking and cleaning up afterwards can become a rather tiresome chore. Thus, it’s often one of the first things our clients mention when we begin discussing their new design. Here at Cambridge Kitchens & Bathrooms, we’ve got plenty of clever and stylish storage solutions to help you make the most of your new space. Below are 12 fantastic options you’ll want to consider.

A Magnificent Pantry

Offering plenty of space to keep all your store cupboard essentials, you might be surprised by how much room a pantry provides. Plus, with the potential to customise the internal design to suit your needs, a beautiful bespoke pantry makes organising ingredients easy. Alternatively, if you don’t fancy a traditional store cupboard, why not turn your pantry into a handy breakfast station, baking area, or even a showstopping cocktail cabinet? A gorgeous, solid oak pantry makes a fabulous addition to a classic kitchen, introducing a touch of luxury to your daily routine.

A Space-Saving Larder

A slightly slimmer larder unit makes an equally practical option if you’re short on space or looking for something more modern. Pull-out shelves allow you to see and reach the back of the unit with ease, maximising every inch. Our ingenious and elegant larder units are a step up from the usual tall cabinets.

Versatile & Practical Drawers

Fed up with rummaging for ingredients and tidying away Tupperware avalanches? Simply swapping out a few cupboards in favour of much more accessible drawers is an easy way to get more from your kitchen. Drawers allow you to get right to the back of your units. And, with new, more durable runners, you can even use drawers to store heavy items like crockery, pans, and small appliances.

Small Space Solutions

When it comes to maximising storage space, even the smallest gaps should be put to good use. A slim pull-out unit could make the ideal place to keep bottles of oil and cereal boxes or hang tea towels.

Clever Corner Storage

Corners can be a little awkward in terms of accessibility. If you have corners in your kitchen, a clever corner storage solution like a carousel or pull-out corner optimiser is a must! They will solve the problem of accessing the contents of your unit and make all the difference in terms of keeping your kitchen organised.

Stylish Countertop Cupboards

When maximising tricky corners, you’ll want to consider more than just what’s below the counter. Corners are unlikely to provide your main food prep area. What’s more, high shelves or overhead cabinets situated in a corner are, at best, quite a stretch. To ensure this space doesn’t go to waste, why not introduce a handy countertop storage solution? A charming traditional countertop cupboard offers an elegant opportunity to utilise space in a classic kitchen. Alternatively, a sleek contemporary tambour unit could make the perfect spot to hide a coffee machine or kettle.

Cabinets That Utilise Vertical Space

Another simple yet effective way to create more storage space is to continue your cabinets up to the ceiling. The topmost shelves provide a useful place to keep occasional serving dishes, small appliances, and other pieces you don’t use every day. The additional space these custom-built cabinets introduced to our client’s apartment in Bishop’s Stortford proved invaluable.

Lift-Up Wall Cabinets

Improving accessibility and reducing the risk of bumping your head, lift-up wall cabinets make using your kitchen much easier. They can be left open during cooking and offer a great way to maximise space in hard-to-reach places like above your oven or fridge-freezer.

Beautiful Display Storage

Keeping your kitchen organised and clutter-free is a must. However, going ultra-minimal and hiding everything behind closed doors can sometimes leave your interior looking a little cold. Displaying a few cookbooks, your favourite crockery or some potted herbs is a great way to add a personal touch to your space. Integrated niches or simple shelves offer the ideal place to showcase your select pieces.

A Sophisticated Wine Rack

Another storage feature that will add to the look of your kitchen as well as prove extremely useful is a stylish wine rack. Whether you’re a bit of a wine aficionado or enjoy the occasional bottle at the weekend, having a dedicated place to store your wine properly is a great way to elevate your interior. Wine racks come in all shapes and sizes, so you’re sure to find something to suit your kitchen and accommodate your collection.

Or A Luxury Wine Cooler

Or, for something even more luxurious, why not invest in a fantastic wine cooler? If you enjoy entertaining, a wine cooler is sure to come in handy, freeing up space in your fridge and allowing guests to keep their glasses topped up.

Contemporary Glossy Kitchen


As much as storage is fundamental to the practicality of your kitchen, it can also impact the look and feel of your space. And as the focal point of your home, striking a balance between clever clutter-minimising solutions and stylish design features is a must. If you’d like more advice on making the most of your space, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can contact our friendly team by calling 01223 904150 or emailing info@cambridgekitchens.co.uk.