Creating A Contemporary Bathroom With Character

Modern bathrooms are very popular with our clients here at Cambridge Kitchens & Bathrooms. Their streamlined finish and unfussy detailing make them an excellent practical and stylish choice. However, while a pared-back design can look sleek and sophisticated, an overly simplified scheme can leave your bathroom feeling a little bland and uninspiring. As a place to relax and unwind, even the most minimal modern bathroom should create an inviting atmosphere. In this article, we’ll explain how to create a stunning contemporary bathroom brimming with character and style.

Combine New & Old

Clean yet characterful, timeless yet on-trend, combining modern and traditional elements in a single space will naturally imbue your interior with effortless sophistication and elegance. Pair a contemporary bathroom suite with classic details such as a freestanding vanity, vintage decorative tiles or period wall panelling to create a charming transitional design. Neutral greys, beiges and rich jewel tones can also help bring a timeless classic edge to a modern interior.

Inject A Splash Of Colour

Nothing reflects your personality and sets the tone of a space quite like colour. From serene greens to on-trend pastels, colour can completely transform the look and feel of your design. While blue always makes a popular choice, this year, various tints and tones of pink, green and terracotta are in the spotlight. Muted earthy shades will bring a warm, spa-like ambience to your interior. Alternatively, clashing colours or introducing vibrant accents will establish a cool and confident mood. Furniture, tiles, sanitaryware, soft furnishings and wall paint can all help bring your scheme to life. Modern bathrooms make a fantastic place to experiment with bold colours.

Modern Sink

Select A Statement Bathtub

A dramatic freestanding bath makes a luxurious focal point to any bathroom. With a range of unusual asymmetric designs and sleek curved shapes to choose from, you’ll find plenty of distinctive modern styles to suit your space. Positioning your tub in the centre of the room will add visual interest to your interior while making a stylish and opulent design statement

Modern Free Standing Bathtub

Choose A Decorative Tile

Patterned tiles aren’t just for traditional bathrooms. They can add beautiful depth and character to a contemporary interior. There are hundreds if not thousands of stunning patterns, textures, and colours available to complement your design. If you’re looking to create a subtle effect, an intricate floor tile with a hint of colour could be the perfect choice. For something more eye-catching, consider using your favourite decorative tile to create a striking feature wall.

Create Warmth With Wood

The warm undertones and delicate grain of natural wood are often used to establish a sense of character and charm throughout the home. Incorporating elements of wood into your bathroom is a lovely way to soften a minimal modern scheme. However, due to the porous nature of wood, it is not suited to warm, damp environments like the bathroom. Wood effect porcelain tiles make a practical and equally attractive alternative. A chair or stool positioned out of reach of any spray can also add a stylish bespoke feel to your space.

Utilise Freestanding Furniture

Whether you opt for a chic industrial storage unit or a plush upholstered lounge chair, a quirky piece of freestanding furniture can reflect your individual style, bringing another dimension to your design. As well as offsetting the pristine white bathroom below, the rustic wooden bench provides a handy spot to keep spare towels and display toiletries. The freestanding anglepoise lamp also makes a lovely, personal design feature.

Add Luxe Detailing

Take your contemporary bathroom to the next level with glamorous luxe detailing. Used together or separately gold and black accents will add a chic, feminine touch to your interior. Black or gold taps and brassware look undeniably sophisticated. You can also introduce black or gold detailing through your mirrors, lighting, furniture and other accessories.

Introduce Artwork or Accessories

There’s more to creating an inspiring bathroom interior than just choosing tiles, paint and sanitaryware. Don’t forget to personalise your space with beautiful artwork and ornaments. If you’ve got enough room, consider hanging a unique print or handy display shelf. A simple shelf is an ideal place to position houseplants, pretty toiletries, ornaments and eye-catching artwork.


Whether you’re looking for an immaculate, all-white modern bathroom or a tranquil, nature-inspired retreat, there are plenty of ways to personalise your design and create an inviting ambience. If you would like to know more about any of the ideas featured in this article, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly, expert team. You can call us on 01223 904150 or email