Designer Bathroom Ideas & Inspiration

When you hurry through your bathroom routine every day, it becomes easy to overlook the clutter, the dull but practical flooring, the sink you’ve always hated and the tired tiling. If you’re feeling stuck in a rut with your uninspiring bathroom, why not transform your space with a breath-taking and luxurious designer interior?

Bathrooms shouldn’t just be a place to get ready in the morning, they should create a tranquil and relaxing retreat that leaves you feeling pampered and rejuvenated. There’s so much more to bathroom design than white wall tiles and bland flooring. To help you find inspiration for your project and to give you an idea of how fabulous your new space could look, we’ve put together a collection of some of our favourite luxury bathrooms for you to explore.

Radiant Wet Room With Natural Accents

Spacious modern wet rooms and walk-in shower rooms are becoming increasingly popular with our clients here at Cambridge Kitchens & Bathrooms. They offer amazing potential to maximise your space, creating an open and airy feel while looking incredibly stylish and sophisticated. If you prefer an invigorating shower to a long soak in the bath, a shower room or wet room could be a fantastic choice. However, bear in mind bathtubs are often important to families with young children and doing away with your bath could affect the future sale of your home.

In the wet room below, a gorgeous wood accent wall makes a stunning design feature. The seamless transition from the wall to the floor creates a seemingly endless plane, giving the illusion of space. The beautiful organic finish paired with clean neutral colours establishes a calm and tranquil atmosphere that’s wonderfully enhanced by the uplifting natural light. A streamlined full-width shower niche adds a subtly stylish and practical detail, creating the perfect spot to store toiletries or decorations. Wet rooms are remarkably versatile. While this interior sets a radiant and mood, a statement dark colour scheme could make a stylish and striking impact.

Elegant Designer Bathroom With Classic Detailing

Achieving a luxurious designer bathroom doesn’t necessarily mean you have to splash out on a glamorous walk-in shower or an extravagant freestanding tub. Many of us share our main bathroom with our kids and partners, and so creating a practical and durable interior that works for everyone is of utmost importance. Opting for an over-bath shower is a great way to introduce the functionality you need without overcrowding your space. Including a luxurious waterfall shower head alongside a single diverter makes for a practical and stylish solution. The gold fixtures in the bathroom below add a gorgeous touch of opulence.

Introducing a hint of colour to your bathroom design can also really elevate your space, bringing a considered and bespoke quality to your interior as well as adding wonderful character and charm. The intense Prussian Blue of the hand-painted woodwork below accentuates the intricated classic detailing around the door panels and skirting, taking this bathroom from the ordinary to the luxurious. A little attention to detail can be the difference between a dull everyday space and a plush designer-inspired interior.

A Luxurious Monochrome Look

When it comes to creating a calming and tranquil space, sometimes keeping it simple can be the best way to go. Enveloping your bathroom with a single choice of tile establishes a cohesive finish, creating a spacious and uncluttered feel. Minimal fixtures including a contemporary curved freestanding bathtub, sleek basins and a simple wall-hung toilet also contribute to establishing a clean, paired-back look.

With such a minimal modern design, even the smallest details stand out. As well as adding a distinctly stylish detail, the black fittings below are matched with a black tile trim to create a highly refined and luxurious feature. This flawless and effortlessly chic monochrome bathroom design sets a sophisticated tone to the room.

Effortlessly Styled Designer Bathroom

When designing a bathroom, inevitably practical features like sanitaryware and storage come first. Unfortunately, this can leave many stylistic aspects that you wouldn’t hesitate to consider in, say a bedroom or living room, overlooked. Including a ledge or shower niche upon which to arrange ornaments, artwork, houseplants, or chic toiletries will give your bathroom a perfectly styled designer feel, a far cry from the previous jumble of rubber ducks and hairbrushes.

Introducing carefully chosen pieces of freestanding furniture like a chair or ladder-shelf can also add a luxurious bespoke feel to your space while doubling up as an ideal spot to keep towels or a decoratively arranged vanity tray. Even the most simple bathroom interior can be transformed into an elegant designer-style space with a few carefully considered decorative touches.


From showcasing a statement bathtub to simply adding a lick of paint, there are a host of luxurious and cost-effective options available when it comes to creating an enviable designer bathroom. To find more fantastic inspiration for your Cambridge, Bishop’s Stortford or Newmarket home, please click here to view our gallery. Alternatively, our friendly expert team would be delighted to discuss the ideas you have for your space. You can call us on 01223 904150 or email