The New Milchester Bathrooms – Kitchen and Bathroom Experience Centre

Recently we unveiled our latest kitchen at the Kitchen and Bathroom Experience Centre. This was part of a rebuild of Potton’s Milchester house, an incredible Georgian styled house with lavish interiors. In addition to the kitchen design and build, we also designed and installed three bathrooms throughout the house. This is the story of these bathrooms, giving you an insight as to why we decided each bathroom’s features.

Working closely with Potton’s interior designer, we aimed to create three individual and unique bathrooms which would both blend in with the house stylings, and stand out as talking points for visitors. The house may be of Georgian style, but the materials and features are very modern, we wanted to continue this with the bathrooms. This was to be a challenging design project!

Family bathroom

The key focus for this bathroom was relaxation, we wanted to make it a bathroom which you felt at home in as soon as you saw it. This is why we chose the luxurious freestanding bath to take pride of place next to the window, this instantly sets the tone for the rest of the room. The bath is complemented by the walk in shower with large square rain head, wall mounted toilet with hidden cistern, and a ‘his & hers’ sink on top of a wall mounted storage unit. Again, as before, we’ve kept lots the floor space clear to make the room look as large as possible.

The modern fixtures are complemented by a traditional style radiator with modern chrome pipes, marble floor tiles and subtle patterned wallpaper on one wall. All of this works together with the neutral colours to create an inviting and luxurious bathroom which is instantly calming and relaxing, perfect for escaping modern life.

Master En-suite Bathroom

This bathroom was designed to be a bit more private than the others, it needed to be luxurious and practical. A key feature of the bathroom design is the double showers, which has proven to be an interesting talking point with a lot of visitors. These showers have been installed perfectly symmetrically facing another wall mounted toilet with hidden cistern, shelf behind the sink for storage and a rounded edge sink with waterfall tap on top of a wall mounted matt grey storage unit. These modern fixtures and fittings added together with some classical stylings create a bathroom that is both comfortable and down-to-earth, a room which its user can focus on their day in a serene environment.

Downstairs Cloakroom

The cloakroom is small and likely to be used by guests, so it needs to be simple and practical but elegant. The toilet is wall hung with a hidden cistern, this lifts the toilet off the ground giving the impression of more floor space and making everything easier to clean, a subtle modern touch to the bathroom. The gloss grey wall mounted cabinet with a small sink and chrome tap on top adds another modern element to the bathroom. However, to ensure that the bathroom stays in keeping with traditional house style, marble tiles, a copper radiator, copper soap dispenser and a copper toilet brush have been added. Overall the bathroom gives a modern feel that will stay up-to-date with trends for years to come, whilst matching the traditional styling of the house.


Bathrooms do not have to be practical and boring, they can be innovative and creative, whilst retaining all of the practical elements you need. Your bathroom should be designed to fit your home style and your personality. At the Kitchen and Bathroom Experience Centre, we aim to showcase what is possible when you take time to add creativity into a room so often forgotten about.

Sue Humphries, the lead designer on this project, said: “It was a real challenge designing three bathrooms to look unique and modern whilst retaining classical stylings to match the house, but I’m very happy with the result. I think these bathrooms strike a good balance between being innovative and traditional, and judging by the feedback we’ve had, so do our customers”.

We’ve received some fantastic feedback from customers visiting the new Milchester house, with many people saying they’ll be implementing some of the design ideas into their own bathroom project.

If you’re interested in seeing these bathrooms, and many others, at the Kitchen and Bathroom Experience Centre please visit our showroom page to see our opening times and book an appointment.