How to Create a Contemporary Look in Your Kitchen

At Cambridge Kitchens & Bathrooms, we understand that a kitchen is the heart of a home and needs to serve as both a functional space to prepare meals and a space for friends and family to gather. If you are considering a new kitchen design, with so many styles out there, trying to decide on a design that will work best for your home can be difficult.

Ready for a new kitchen and want to learn more about contemporary kitchen designs? Let the experts at Cambridge Kitchens take you through the design choices of a modern kitchen to help you make the right design choices.

Creating a Contemporary Kitchen Design

Contemporary kitchens combine modern design elements with a minimalist feel, and boast sleek cabinetry and refined colour palettes, crafting a unique aesthetic. These kitchens feature a variety of components, such as flat-front cabinetry, elegant fixtures, stone embellishments, wooden accents, and chic tiles.

As kitchen trends evolve, the definition of contemporary is constantly changing. What appears stylish today may easily become outdated, just as design features from previous times may come back in fashion. If you are considering a contemporary kitchen design and want to ensure longevity, then the remedy is to prioritise functionality. This blog will cover clever design decisions that are paramount for the contemporary kitchen and will ensure you maintain aesthetic appeal and enhance daily functionality.

Open Planning

Open planning is a key strategy in achieving a highly functional design, even within limited space. Embracing an open layout signifies a well-considered kitchen design and also aids in decluttering and optimising all available space. Contemporary designs often feature minimal cabinetry and an open-plan island to maximise usable areas. This cleverly incorporates innovative storage solutions, such as stacked shelving inside cabinets for tins, herbs, and spices.

Contemporary designs frequently utilise wall space for additional support. Hanging utensils and cooking aids above hobs and ovens are popular features in many designs, offering dual benefits. This approach frees up valuable storage and worktop space and also ensures that essential cooking equipment remains easily accessible during food preparation.

Sleek Lines

Detail is a defining element of contemporary design. Employing crisp lines in your planning process will ensure seamless integration of all components. Think about how you and your family use your kitchen and avoid haphazardly incorporating design elements based on personal preference. Instead, consider placement and how geometric shapes can enhance your overall aesthetic. For example, when contemplating elements like a colourful splashback, deliberate whether it would be more visually impactful on the wall or within the cabinetry.

Similarly, when deciding on features like a kitchen island or statement lighting, consider the role these elements play in your design and how you will use them. Kitchen islands often serve as the focal point, contributing to the overall ambience of the space.

Creating contrast can also enhance your contemporary design. For instance, lighter hues on the island against a darker backdrop can add a sense of drama and visual interest to your kitchen.

A Jewel Colour Palette

Contemporary kitchens serve as a canvas for expressing personality through colour experimentation. While neutral palettes like white, grey, and brown exude timeless elegance and sophistication, bold colour choices are embraced in modern kitchen designs. Warm tones such as red and yellow inject vitality, while cooler hues like green and blue can add a serene ambience to the space. Additionally, black has emerged as a prominent feature in contemporary kitchens, imparting an urban, industrial aesthetic that complements the minimalist style.

Play With Texture

In contemporary kitchens, designs typically lean towards minimalism so there is room to explore textures and infuse character into the space. This provides an opportunity for creative experimentation across various kitchen elements.

Introducing wood tones to the design is one way to infuse engaging texture into the units. Wooden drawers or cabinets bring warmth to the space, making them an ideal complement to cool and crisp colour schemes. Additionally, their sturdy construction enhances the durability of the contemporary design, ensuring durability.

Despite the apparent simplicity of contemporary kitchen designs, achieving the desired ambience requires meticulous planning and attention to detail. The minimalistic aesthetic may demand considerable effort, but this dedication to planning embodies the essence of creating a truly contemporary kitchen.

Modern Kitchen With Wooden FInish

Innovative and Smart Appliances

Maximise functionality in your contemporary kitchen, and incorporate modern appliances. In today’s tech-savvy era, where seemingly everything is connected to the internet or controllable via apps, numerous innovations have proven immensely beneficial in the kitchen.

Explore cutting-edge options such as smart refrigerators featuring touch screens, Wi-Fi-enabled ovens with remote control capabilities, and induction cooktops to elevate your kitchen experience. These high-tech additions enhance efficiency and precision, simplifying daily tasks and imparting a sense of style to your kitchen decor.

In contemporary kitchen designs, state-of-the-art appliances seamlessly integrate, presenting both chic aesthetics and practical functionality. When contemplating a new contemporary kitchen, prioritise investing in advanced technology to transform your space into a versatile, time-saving environment. Incorporating modern appliances like smart fridges and timers can streamline tasks and create a welcoming atmosphere.

However, exercise caution and avoid excessive reliance on technology. Instead, consider areas of your kitchen where additional assistance is most required and focus your investments accordingly.

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