flexInduction by Siemens – more than just an induction hob

Here at Cambridge Kitchens & Bathrooms we love induction hobs. Although induction hobs have been around for many years now, it is still very popular with our clients due to it being such a fast, safe and efficient method of cooking. However, the new flexInduction hobs from Siemens have taken induction hobs to the next level.

If you’ve been avoiding induction hobs in favour of traditional hobs, it may be time to think again. Induction hobs have improved dramatically as the technology has developed so that many people now prefer them. Rather than using conduction (transferring heat directly) like traditional gas or electric hobs, these hobs use induction (heating using magnetic waves) to heat the pans and cook your food. The biggest benefit of this is that your hob doesn’t get hot (only warm) because it is only your pan that is getting hot. Plus, there is no risk of gas emissions leaking. These benefits make induction hobs safer and more energy efficient.

With the new flexInduction technology, Siemens have created not just a great induction hob, but a hob with flexibility like you’ve never seen before. Usually with induction hobs (like electric and gas) you’re limited to a designated cooking area which you must work within: these are the size of standard saucepans. However, flexInduction hob has a large section which allows you to cook using ANY sized pan, even oven pans or steam pans. Moreover, the hob actually detects the size of the pan and adjusts the size of the cooking area to suit. Here is their video to explain more:

The flexInduction’s flexible cooking zones mean you can place your pans wherever you like, making cooking that much more flexible. Additionally, you can place more than one item on the area and it will automatically detect and adjust the settings required. This is great when you have a lot of food from different pans that needs to be cooked simultaneously, like a Sunday roast.

Another benefit is the ‘Powerboost function’, which reduces heat up time by up to 50%. This increased efficiency is certainly a useful function when time is of the essence. The simple innovation of having timers on each zone means you don’t lose track when you are multitasking; your flexInduction hob can really work with you to help you create your ultimate pièce de résistance.

To promote the flexInduction hob, Siemens are giving away a free Teppanyaki or Griddle Plate. The Teppanyaki is great for fast Japanese cooking or stir fries. Whilst the Griddle Plate maintains an even heat, perfect for frying steak. To get your Teppanyaki or Griddle Plate all you need to do is purchase a flexInduction hob from us before the 30th November 2016.

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