Corner Storage Solutions

Truly fed up of getting down on your knees to scrabble around in the dark, forbidding corner of your cabinet for the blender attachment you know is there somewhere? Fear not, we have corner mechanisms galore and a few pointers on which one may be right for you…

So we have; carousels, ‘magic’ corners, the Le Mans and new kid on the block – the Power Slide!  Sounds more like a fairground attraction line-up than a list of kitchen mechanisms specifically designed to aid access to the storage space in a corner cupboard.

Let’s take a look at each individually with a view to their strong points.

N°1 for easy access – The Le Mans

This smart mechanism pulls right out of the unit so you can access both levels separately from above, no bending necessary. It does so with a curious ‘wobbly’ motion, designed to maximise the use of internal space. The resulting shape of the trays is odd, rather like a twisting and turning race-track, hence the name!

N°1 for simplicity and use of space – The Power Slide

A newcomer on the scene and a welcome addition, the Power Slide updates the traditional carousel, which to my mind has always been the most useable, versatile shaped tray. The new feature is that it literally glides gently right out of the unit allowing much better access than it’s ancestor.

N°1 for neat freaks – The Magic Corner

The Magic Corner’s four neat, wire baskets make this mechanism the best for those who love compartmentalising! The defined space makes it perfect for storing multiple packets, tins, stacked plates or even small appliances that you don’t want cluttering the worktop. But all that lovely wirework generally makes the Magic Corner the costliest option.

N°1 for value – The good old Carousel

We most commonly use the semi-circular version, but occasionally the 3/4 circle variety. Although the swivelling shelves don’t pull out as far they are still a vast improvement on no mechanism at all.

N°1 for the Purist – a shelf

Of course strictly speaking, this is number 1 for value too, but you may well find yourself cursing your ‘false economy’ when you’re emptying the entire cupboard to find that fondue set.

All that said I often find clients’ like to mix it up a bit and vary their storage types for different functions. if you have more than one corner in your kitchen go for 2 different mechanisms, budget depending of course!