Bringing Colour to Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are a highly intimate space; they are all about you and your relaxation. By introducing colour into your bathroom you will make the space your own, capturing your personality for the perfect environment in which to unwind. Whether you are looking to achieve a subtle palette or a bold design, there are a variety of approaches to bringing colour to your space. Our specialists at the Cambridge Kitchen and Bathroom company have put together a selection of ideas to get you started with your project.


The first place many of us would think of when it comes to introducing colour to a room is the walls, with our next thought inevitably leading us to consider a tin of paint. Painting your walls is of course a wonderful way to add a generous splash of colour, whether you opt for a paler tint or a deep and rich shade like the dark olive used in the lavish bathroom above. Painting your bathroom wall to wall in a dramatic colour can give your space a stunning impact, however, if you prefer something a little more understated you might consider adding colour accents instead. Hand-painted wood panelling brings a sophisticated and luxurious touch to a traditional design, painting doors and skirting boards in an elegant colour will create a similar effect. Another way to bring an accent colour to your walls is by hanging artwork or prints. Your chosen artwork can help to emphasise an existing colour scheme or can be used individually to add character to your space.

Modern Bathroom Wall

Paint is not the only approach to consider when it comes to adding colour to your bathroom walls. Tiles can bring exquisite detail and depth to your space. These mosaic effect tiles adorn the shower cubicle creating another dimension to the design whilst not overpowering the small room. The variety of hues depicted in a patterned tile can tone in with your chosen colour scheme as well as adding a beautiful decorative touch. Introducing tiles to partially cover the wall or to highlight quirky alcoves makes a stunning design detail allowing you to create as bold or as understated a feature as you like.

Modern Free Standing Bathtub


Bathroom flooring offers wonderful potential to impart a more subtle effect on your space. It’s easy to overlook as a place to add colour, however its consistency across the room and position below the eyeline makes for an opportunity that’s not to be missed. A rich golden amber shade of wood flooring can bring a luxurious yet welcoming atmosphere to your bathroom and is a fantastic way to introduce warmth for those of us who prefer a more minimal colour palette. Alternatively, colourful tiles can bring a delightful vibrancy to a bathroom design and, positioned unobtrusively, they can create a remarkably subtle effect. Beautiful floor tiles will add a quirky bespoke design statement to your space.

Modern Sink


Colourful vanities are increasingly popular and there are a huge variety of styles to choose from. This sleek modern freestanding vanity looks stunning in this bold ocean blue hue. Opt for a vanity that coordinates with your wall colour for a seamless impact or create a statement with a contrasting colour accent. Traditional shaker style vanities look stunning in a hand-painted finish, this gives you the potential to choose from an incredible selection of shades. Why restrict colour to your walls and floors when you can take your design to the next level with gorgeous colourful furniture?

Bathroom Furniture


The finishing touches are the perfect place to reinforce your beautiful colour scheme. As simple as choosing gorgeous fluffy new towels in your favourite colour; soft furnishings, ornaments and even houseplants will complete the look of your bathroom. When designing your space make sure you include ledges, shelves or alcoves to display your accessories for that flawless show home feel.

Modern Bathroom Accessories

With so many colours, finishes and styles to choose from a contemporary design can be a beautiful option for a charming yet sophisticated kitchen. Hopefully, the insight we’ve shared with you in this guide has inspired you to think twice when choosing your kitchen style. If you would like to speak to our designers to find out how we can create the perfect kitchen for you, please get in touch with our Cambridge showroom by calling 01223 904150 or email